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Terracotta Earthenware Products

Product Image (self cooling water bottle)

Water Bottles Terracota

Price: 100-300 INR/Piece

Water inside the bottle cools down within sometime. Porous nature of clay helps the water in Clay bottle to improve its taste as Clay is a natural sweetener because it is pH neutral Risk of catching cold is less while drinking water from Clay bottles unlike refrigerated water.

Product Image (kulhad T8)

Kulhad glass T8

Price: 4.5 INR/Piece

Terracota glass T8 kulhad

Product Image (kulhad T12)

terracota glass T12

Price: 6 INR/Piece

Kulhad glass T12

Product Image (kulhad G7)

Terracotta Glass G7

Price: 4.2 INR/Piece

Kulhad glass G7

Product Image (kulhad T5)

Terracotta glass T5

Price: 3.5 INR/Piece

Terracota glass 200ml

Product Image (terracotta bowls )

Terracotta bowls

Price: 2 to 7 INR/Piece

Terracota bowls

Product Image (kulhad G1 100ml)

Glass G1 kulhad

Price: 3 INR/Piece

kulhad Terrcota glass 100ml

Product Image (Kulhad T3 125ml)

Glass kulhad T3

Price: 3 INR/Piece

Kulhad 125ml glass


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